Product name suggestions for LTL - Groupage capabilities

A product name representing our Group capabilities & coverage for LTL - Groupage freight. The ambition is to have and show an end Product that provides regular "Connections" between regions through our Partners, with their own equipment (facilities), and/or our via our Ewals Trucks & Equipments (Trailers, facilities).



Summary: the strength is in connecting our own and partners network into ONE Ewals network for the customer.

__Understood strategic approach? 

 Vision:  one Ewals  (LTL/groupage) Network Product for our customers - our customers served from one or more Ewals locations. 

Strategy:  local Ewals countries developing -  selecting - operating Partner - Networks based on a central sourcing governance and  central governed service level(s). Local countries developing and executing own equipment for (dedicated)  flows that do not contradict the overall Ewals strategy.   

Operations:  :Local Countries  executing and/or managing own equipment and/or partners that are initially relations from that country/office and or have the best relation fit to operate/manage the partner.   

So, if this is correct, our differentiation will be in the local powers/skills of countries - offices about own planned equipment / ("Country networks) AND the Partner Networks these countries/offices work with

Hence:  Connecting and operating these connected networks is the strength - differentiation = explanation of the product name. NetConnect. 

Downside?:  the customer does not recognize this in his world. E.g. DSV: Daily Pallet is to the point for every one.

  • Nicholas Demeyer
  • Apr 12 2018
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